Established in September of 2001

Agrico offers a range of specialised contracting services to the agro industry from project conception to post commissioning support. Company provides unique technological and process opportunities to the animal feed and grain handling industries. Agrico has the ability to expertise and skills to complete successfully medium agro industrial Greenfield projects up to turn-key executions, within the contract budget and to specified time schedules.

Agrico is your partner for:

• Technical and commercial expertise
• Selection of appropriate technologies
• Utilities engineering and interface design
• Selection and purchase of equipment
• Equipment receipt and quality survey
• Coordination of all related project activities
• Plant operation and control standardization
• Supervision of civil engineering and erection works
• Plant start-up and commissioning
• Plant management assistance

Cooperation Options

The full responsibility concept – the company uses its comprehensive range of multi-disciplinary resources to complete projects successfully, up to full turn-key contract scale, either independently or in partnership.

The Full Turn-key Execution contract was offered and completed by Agrico on numerous occasions, either in the construction of a new plant or in the re-fitting of existing facilities. In this case Agrico takes complete responsibility for the planning and construction of the facility. These contracts have always been fulfilled over an agreed period of time to a set budget. Although there is a clearly defined project plan, the turn-key contract allows for some modifications as the project proceeds. Investors retain a degree of flexibility to adapt the plant to changing market requirements.

The Semi Turn-key Execution contract allows the client to purchase local equipment packages and services where they are more cost efficient. However, Agrico retains overall management control of the assignment, even if parts of the project are sub-contracted out. Agrico provides all documentation and advisory services to enable investors’ orders to be placed within the agreed project timeframe.

The For And On Behalf Management contract is a supplier-customer partnership, where the customer contracts Agrico to execute part or all of an equipment and services project. This hands-off contract allows the customer to participate actively in all purchase decisions. With this service, Agrico offers greater flexibility while still guaranteeing overall project budget and scheme timeframe. This contract gives a combination of possible cost savings and efficiency coupled with reliable project management.